Exciting new restaurant?

I have written about restaurants in this one location many times and I have done that because different restaurants just pop up there.

I am talking about the Portico building in Macrossan Street and please do not confuse the well established Zinc Restaurant on the corner of Davidson Street.
So why is there such a high turnover of restaurants at the other corner, the corner with Owen Street? The location is surrounded by accommodation options, it is in Macrossan Street with lots of foot traffic and there is free off-street parking underneath. So what goes wrong?

I put it down to the price of the wine. My wife and I dined at the Pasta Company when it first opened up there this year. We had the special which was a pasta dish and a glass of wine for $20 at lunch time.

 My pasta was very good, my wife's pasta was OK and the wine was excellent. To have another glass of wine is where the problem started. $10 for 150 mills is too much especially at lunch time. We asked for the House Wine that was it! We would have gone back many times if it were not for the price of the wine.

If I go back to when this place was called Cyclone Sally's the house wine, on tap mind you, was $30 for a half litre carafe.

Good Australian wine is not that expensive, an army of baby boomers can attest to that. What would work is a restaurant with house wine at say $10 a half litre carafe or have it as a BYO with a corkage charge of $5. That would work. The restaurant would make it's profit from food, good idea that, and they would pick up $5 for not providing the wine?


  1. Due to open on 16 Aug this is to be an Italian restaurant with big pizzas. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner.


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