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Port Douglas Cheap Eats goes live..........

Cheap eats Port Douglas community website app goes live and we are calling on those cafes and restaurants that made the cut to enhance their listings to help pay for the app. All it takes is a $1 per week.
A representative from Cheap Eats today remarks: "We do not get paid for making Port Douglas a good place for visitors to come to. Just one restaurant could make a big difference for just $1 per week."

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Cheap Eats - Web Dining Guide - Port Douglas

Under construction is a cheap eats web dining guide for Port Douglas. It does not have to be expensive to dine well in Port Douglas as this guide will show.
see it at:

Cafe Ziva

Cafe Ziva at 20 Macrossan Street Port Douglas
This is a busy little Cafe around breakfast time. Cooffee was good, breakfast was OK.