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What could be better than a seafood shop next to a park? Seashells Seafood are at 11 Grant Street opposite Rotary Park in the middle of Port Douglas.
We had some of the daily cooked prawns, homemade seafood sauce and  a cracking cold Pinot Grigio from home.
Prawns $11
Seafood sauce $2
Gossips Pinot Grigio $3.90
Seashells Seafoods
11 Grant Street, Port Douglas
Phone: 40994960

Promoting sensible dining in Port Douglas.

The Port Douglas & District Combined Clubs - on the waterfront.

The new extensions are a surprise when you first see them.   They are tasteful and I am looking forward to spending some time there.

Dining is still on the deck overlooking Dickson's Inlet and the mountains beyond giving one of the best outlooks of any Port Douglas eatery.
We had a Fisherman's Basket and the Fish and Chips with the Rothbury Chardonnay for about $70 all up.


Cyclone Sally's Burger, Bar & Grill (2)

We had been looking forward to dining in this new quirky restaurant where Fins used to be. I thought the landlord would be happy to have a tenant and to see a new dining concept introduced to Port Douglas would be a good idea. I was somewhat puzzled by the concept and after lunching there yesterday I still am.
The walk up from the underground car-park next to Zinc was far from inviting but we pushed on to Cyclone Sally”s and entered the restaurant. One thing that puzzled us on the outside menu was the cost of the tap wine. Tap wine has made it’s way into southern eateries providing good quality wine wine cheaply to patrons and owners alike. A win win situation if I ever saw one. Tap wine is bought by the glass, 1/2 carafe (500 ml) or carafe (1000 ml). 500 ml carafes are common at one of our leading restaurants and we enjoy them with lunch immensely at $13 per. The same size carafe at Cyclone Sally’s is $30 per. That’s right $30 for 500 ml of non-bottled wine.

Back to lunch. We had delibe…

Pizza In The Park (2)

In keeping with our cheap eats program for visitors to Port Douglas:
Pizzas $7.95 & $7.10
Wine $4 & $14
Cheap Eats Port Douglas for more ideas.


Seafood Lunch

2FISH 56 Macrossan Street Port Douglas

Local prawns on baked Cabatta $18
Calamari $18
House White $32
5 stars

What a wonderful place to watch the people go by on a day when Macrossan Street was buzzing with activity.
We are not into the tourist season proper and yet there were lots of people enjoying the various dining experiences on offer in Macrossan Street. All this was on a Tuesday on a not brilliant day with the odd shower and lots of wind. 

Promoting Port Douglas



First Tap wine in Port Douglas

free wifi

Sides, Bar Snacks & Gap Fillers
Sally's hand crafted burgers
Sally's sliders
Sally's grilled bits
Side salads

Portico Building

Shop 17 / 53 Macrossan Street

(previously Finns)
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