Lure at the marina.

This is a photograph I took on 14 Aug 2014 when we rode our bikes into town.  I put it on this blog and accompanied it with this caption:
Between 3pm and 6pm on Sundays: $6 fish & chips
Yalumba Pinot Grigio $30

If that doesn't say and do something for Port Douglas I don't know what will so I submitted it to Bindu Travel Apps when I used to write for them.  It was knocked back by the newly appointed Australian editor, from memory, she said "fish and chips can be found anywhere". I was the local writer, the editor was based in Brisbane and had visited Port Douglas once before. Sound familiar?
We have dined at Lure for breakfast which was about as good as it can get and yesterday we had lunch. Starting with ice cold light Great Northern draft. 

Studying the menu takes time and as there was a cruise ship in I tried to speed things up. I needn't have worried because the service was on the mark despite the marina being packed, the beer arrived in a flash and the wait…

Prawns in the park

Black Tiger Prawns $30 per Kilo

626 grams go a long way

Market Park, ANZAC Park and Rex Smeal Park area great place to picnic and they are all close to the Port Douglas Village Shopping Centre in Macrossan Street.
The shopping centre houses Coles Deli, Malone's Butchery and Dominos Pizza.
The parks house picnic tables and at Rex Smeal Park 2 free electric Bar-B-Q's mind you the barbies might need cleaning depending on what time you use them and what day you go there. They are cleaned by council early in the morning on week days.
You can enjoy more of Port Douglas dining options here: 
Port Douglas Cheap Eats


My Italian Baby - 17-53 Macrossan Street

My Italian Baby 17-53 Macrossan Street Phone 4099 5433 4099 5330 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Italian waiter Wirra Wirra Adelaide Shiraz $39

Pizza S.S Innaminka $20 Capers,  anchovies,  olives,  sun-dried tomatoes,  basil,  oregano and  flore di latte.
Spaghetti Bolognaise $24 with shaved Parmesan 

Opening day for My Italian Baby.
The meals were first class but would like to see a cheaper local's house wine as happens in Italy.

More to follow.........


My Italian Baby - Portico Building Macrossan Street.

Watch this space - 17/ 53-61 Macrossan Street.


Opening on 16 Aug 2018
Menu by Chef Dan Watt

Port Douglas Sports Complex

Dining with the Crocs

During winter the Port Douglas AFL team "The Crocs" play at the Port Douglas Sports Complex on about every second Saturday afternoon.
They get a mention on this dining blog because of the value they offer. Bear in mind this is a no frills arrangement but the value is there:
Hot Dogs - $3.50 Ham and salad rolls - $5 Mocka's Pies - $5 Chips - $3.50 3 Dim Sims - $3
Beer - $5 Spirits - $8 Cider - $5 Wine by the glass - $5 Bottle of wine $18
Free Admission

Reef Resort - lunch special

Found this on the Port Douglas Cheap Eats website:

We opted for the wine, an Angus beef burger and a rib fillet steak burger.
$29.80 for two.
It was excellent.
Reef Resort is next to QT on the Port Douglas Road.
You will need a voucher from the Savings Passport:


Exciting new restaurant?

I have written about restaurants in this one location many times and I have done that because different restaurants just pop up there.

I am talking about the Portico building in Macrossan Street and please do not confuse the well established Zinc Restaurant on the corner of Davidson Street.
So why is there such a high turnover of restaurants at the other corner, the corner with Owen Street? The location is surrounded by accommodation options, it is in Macrossan Street with lots of foot traffic and there is free off-street parking underneath. So what goes wrong?

I put it down to the price of the wine. My wife and I dined at the Pasta Company when it first opened up there this year. We had the special which was a pasta dish and a glass of wine for $20 at lunch time.

 My pasta was very good, my wife's pasta was OK and the wine was excellent. To have another glass of wine is where the problem started. $10 for 150 mills is too much especially at lunch time. We asked for the House Wine …