SASSI CUCINA - cnr Macrossan and Wharf Streets

One of our popular lunch spots in Macrossan Street is Sassi's opposite ANZAC Park.

For lunch we like good value and to be able to dine at a high end restaurant for a reasonable cost is always a pleasure. To keep the prices down we order the house wine which comes in a half litre carafe for $13. The white is Pinot Grigio and the red is Shiraz.

Sardines, not out of a can but honest to good salt preserved sardines on ciabatta with garlic, light chilli, parsley and of course the salt that the sardines come in.
Teams perfectly with the house white Pinot Grigio.

Enter the main course - Pizza and the house red.

Pizza - Napolitana - $24

With a light beer and a gin and tonic - $87 the lot.


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